Winter Months

Arugam Bay has a lot to offer during the winter months, the Green Season.  It is a special time of year, without crowd, relaxed and an ideal time to experience coastal Sri Lanka without the tourism: fishing, farming, wildlife, and monsoon.


The Monsoon usually swings by November to January.  Monsoon doesn't mean it rains constantly for 3 months, it means its overcast and it rains a few hours a day before the sun shines again; temperatures drop to 18C at night, but remain a mere 26C to 27C during the day.  Thanks to the monsoon the eastern province is in its greenest time of year.  Exotic birds are drawn towards the rivers and lagoons that are mostly dry during the summer months, and the landscape and farms are absolutely stunning. 


Fishing is the main priority and income for Arugam Bay locals; it has been a fishing village for hundreds of years, and the main form of income for most people even before the war begun, before surf was discovered and tourism kicked off.  

Fishing months vary and can start as early as September until February. 


Rice Farming is another winter income for local farmers.  Lush green paddy fields surround Arugam Bay. Rice harvest is in February and March.  Below are some ideas on how to relax and unwind during he winter months.

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