Difficult Times

Covid hit our small island in March 2020; with just a few cases the whole country turned towards this dominating crazy informative clueless media; creating panic, fear and ignorance. Sri Lanka is curfew trained, and know how to live with bare essentials, but not well informed when it comes to an oversees pandemic. And when the bare essentials become difficult to obtain that's when it becomes difficult. The government, like many other countries, did try their best. But what they should have done was carry on like every day; like any other new viruses. Instead they played us like puppets in a shit show; collapsing the economy, tourism and education system. In rural Sri Lanka it was not a pretty sight; one man killed both his young children because he was told to stay home. He had no food, they were starving, hadn't eaten for days.

He though he had no choice, so drowned his little ones in the well.

In the west, if one is broke or jobless the government helps with some form of allowance. Here, the government is not helping those in dire need. So its up to the village to help the village. We all try. My husband takes 12 men fishing most days, so that 12 families can eat; but when there is no fish this too becomes a problem. And soon kerosene money will ran out. And then no one can go fishing.

We hope and pray this pandemic will be over soon. For the sake of the people. I am tires of hearing sad stories; and even more sad that I can't do much.

Sudu and Kiri at Okanda temple to pray for better times

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