Arugam Bay College

For 1 week one of our sponsored kids didn't come to school. After many failed attempts in trying to contact the parents, I drove to the grandfather's taylor shop in Pottuvil. The grandfather explained that the girl's family is totally broke; the father had to sell the motorbike for food money, and now has no transport to drop his daughter to school and no cash for her lunch box. I managed to arrange for one of the teachers to send a tuk tuk to pick her up, and we would add extra food in our lunchboxes. Education is very important, especially during difficult times. If a family has near nothing, at least the brightest kid in the school deserves a chance to continue with her education. We try to help as much as we can those in more need, and a few dollars do go a long way.

I have a few friends who don't mind spending a couple of hundred dollars on a scarf, or 50 bucks on a good wine.

Next time you go shopping, please think if what you buy is absolutely necessary and if that money can otherwise go towards someone's school lunch for a few months.

Please help us raise cash for our 'sponsored tuition funds' by visiting our go fund me page. Every little helps.

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