the army is back

After the recent explosions and attacks on our capital city, the army is back patrolling the little streets of Arugam Bay; just like it was back in the day during the war. No, its not another war, its just the SL Army, Special Task Force, and SL Navy doing their part to protect us all. And doing it pretty well.

What is going on Colombo? What is really going on in the world, people?

Just when we thought this was finally a safe harem for the kids; when we invested everything we have to build a little paradise and a lively hood; just when you thought you could trust your neighbor; its all gone with a bang! Or has it?

When international media is adding more spices to the dish and creating a mixture of opinions and beliefs for the world to absorb and creating more fears that are not necessarily all true; and when our social media gets disconnected so we cannot tell family and friend that we are doing fine. We are not hurt, and the waves are actually pretty good these days.

Surf lessons are still happening; tourists are out and about checking out our lagoons and monasteries; the bars and restaurants on the beach are working well and the drinks are refreshingly cooling.

Guests are still coming from Ella or going to Kandy. The first nigh we had to cook for all our guests, as no one was allowed out of the guesthouse; then it became a little more relaxed.

We have had a couple of cancellations, but nothing major. The only problem will be the month of May, when no new bookings will come through and we will all struggle to keep up with the payments.

Morally, this is a sad sad time for Sri Lanka; I truly hope the politicians can fix this once and for all.

Financially, this is a major drawback for the entire country, for the tourism industry especially.

Spiritually, karma will come back to those who have caused all this unnecessary palaver.

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