we have an international school!

Well done us! We finally made it. After years of chit chats whilst glaring at the sunset, beer i one hand, toys in the other... 4 of us decided to just go for it. We put money, energy, brains, ideas, time, efforts, creativity, frustrations, patience into one pot and out came WAVEducation, Arugam Bay College.

The first International school in Arugam Bay.

We rented a house, set up the classroom and kids play area; the teachers accommodation, built 2 outdoor spaces for yoga, art, drama, running, building, dancing... or what ever kids do; and opened early January 2019.

So far we have 11 happy students. 2 wonderful teachers. 1 assistant teacher.

Kindergarten is a nice bunch of 5 kids, all of them mixed race. The older class room has 6 kids all different ages, all different styles and nationalities. We hope to expand on child care for the season, giving parents an opportunity to go surfing, while their kids are looked after by qualified english speaking staff.

Both teachers are from Cape Town, with shit loads of experience and creativity. We are all super happy with them. Mothers and kids love them. And we have a lovely young lady from our village helping out too.

We are still doing the website; our instagram account is already up and running under 'waveducation'.

for fees or enrollment or any further information, pls email us at waveducationacb@gmail.com

PS for the older kids class starts at 9.30am... after a 2 hour surf session, obviously.

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