Social Media vanished

Following the recent attacks in early March in the Kandy area, between extremist Sihala and Muslims, the government has decided to shut down all forms of social media: fb, Instagram and whatsapp.

Yes, I can understand that they didn't want international media go crazy on us and thousands of people cancelling their holidays thanks to a few thugs who behaved like drunken monkeys causing a whole snowball effect as if the next war was on its way.

Really? Is this the solution to solve all problems. Shutting down social media? Freedom of speech and freedom of expression and opinion.

I remember once I was having an honest and open chat with some guy and told him his business partner was a bit of a dick, just because I knew he didn't like women and even less foreigners, or anyone who didn't stay at home behind close doors with their mouth shut. This guy told his business partner my opinion, and then they wanted to call the police on me. They wanted to arrest me for having an opinion. What??

Another time, a friend happen to drive off road into a rice field to avoid hitting a farmer on a bicycle. Not only did 100 people gather around shouting and cursing and threaten the police to arrest my friend. No one was hurt, not one scratch. Even the car had no damage. So why did they want this lady arrested? Was it because she was free to drive and a woman?

Sri Lankans are a very discriminating race. They discriminate towards religions, towards women, toward the different cast systems, towards hard working people, towards lazy people, towards their neighbor with a bigger house, towards gays, towards anything they feel threatened by.

So its not surprising that as soon as the shit hits the fan with extreme discrimination between two separate religions, everything shuts down. Then the army takes over because they have been sitting ducks for the last 7 years and feel they need to show up and say, hey guys we are still here and we are ready! Adding more resentment, more judgement, more of what we really need less of.

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