6 years in Sri Lanka

Its been 6 years and 1 month since I moved to Sri Lanka. Wow, it has gone so fast. I was definitely slimmer when I moved here. Having a baby and adding years to my body doesn't help stay slim. Have I changed? Do I miss London life? Yes, and yes. Would I go back? No.

I love it when I sit back around 6pm with a cold beer in hand, looking up and see swaying palm trees and countless stars. I love the fact that my life has no hurried schedule, no boss to answer to, no one to impress other than my guests. And the fact that each year we have many returning guests just shows that all our hard work and efforts do pay off.

I love the fact that we can be creative with the design of our buildings, challenging our futuristic outlook on a fast growing touristic area and business opportunities.

I love the idea of a new school, a new house, new opportunities. All this would seem impossible if I was still in the UK. Where a lovely house come with a huge mortgage, a school comes with so many rules and policies and not enough teachers and a failing system. Where new opportunities are mainly for young people.

I love the simplicity of my life, humble neighbors, crazy superstitions, magic, healers and dealers. Monkeys up my tree, elephants on the road, my bushman husband. My free spirited daughter. What will her mind be like in 5 years?

But sometimes its good to go on a holiday to tap into the other side of the coin.

This evening I watched a movie set in London, and yes, I miss it. What do I miss? the cold, pub lunches, the gigs, the lights, the buildings, going to the cinema, mexican food, any other food, bookshops, a proper cocktail bar, experienced and dedicated staff, parks, big supermarkets, fast mental pace, up to date technology, latest gadgets, cycling through the city in the middle of the night...

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