the best climate EVER!

I often dreamed of the best climate... not too hot, not too cold. And here it is. December brings us a few showers also known as monsoon; but December to February are definitely the best 2 months for the east coast of Sri Lanka. I am so grateful for not sweating like a race horse from 9am to 9pm. I feel blessed to be able to sleep at night without a fan. I am cherishing each second of this ideal climate.

We have 28C in the day, with a soft but continuous sea breeze. And a mere 20C at nigh. Some evenings I sit back and think "BRRR! Its cold. I need long sleeves".

If anyone is considering visiting Arugam Bay Dec-Feb, you will be lucky, you are the chosen ones.

The Gods will grant you a sweat free holiday. Aahhhh how I love this climate! Thank you thank you thank you

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