a holiday in Bali

End of October we closed the guesthouse and flew to Bali for a well deserved family holiday. It was our first time in Bali and did we like it? Yes and No. We enjoyed the villas with staff and pools and pretty gardens and the locals and the street food. I can see the attraction people have towards Bali, with its pretty shops and restaurants, gorgeous villas, unlimited surf break. However there are some areas I would definitely avoid on my next visit. Yes, I consider going back mainly to buy surfboards for our guesthouse and take a break; but having seen to Kuta and Seminyak... ouch, tourism is a monster.

Super overly priced cafes and shops, and yes I did spend 50U$ for 2 sarongs... Cangoo was pretty, although it felt more like a small coastal town in Australia than it did Bali.

We moved west and spent most of our time in Balian Beach; we loved it. The house, the area, the local food market stalls. We also drove to Medewi where you can buy fresh crayfish on the beach to take home and cook. Also a better surf spot for beginners and a lot like Arugam Bay 20 years ago. Sudu enjoyed this side of Bali more. We all did. Perhaps we will venture into Lombock on our next visit.

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