August Crowd and Their Requests

Not sure people get Arugam Bay or read about it before they come here. The civil war of 30 years has left scars and traumas and not much creativity in terms of tourism. The Tsunami didn't help either. Thus the people of this small Muslim fishing village are struggling to keep up with the demands of irritating tourists and the fastest growing tourist spot this side of the island.

Arugam Bay is attracting families, surfers, students, and wildlife lovers from all over the world, it has become an international surf destination due to its various surf spots in 7 different beaches. Wildlife is amazing and naturally raw, as it should be.

But ABay is not equipped for the fussy traveler who wants this and that and cannot understand why they can't get it.

So, No...:

we don't have duo massages on the beach whilst sipping a pina-freaking-colada

we don't all have hot water and hairdriers in the rooms

we don't have small colorful pillows scattered all over the bed

we don't have a switch to turn off the heat

we don't all have liquor license

we don't have beach umbrellas on deserted beaches (nor in the bay)

we don't have expert waiters and fast cooks

But, yes...:

we have beautiful wildlife at our door step, from big elephants to small insects

we have virgin beaches with no bars

we have naturally filtered drinking water

we have the best seafood in Sri Lanka thanks to our fishermen who fish with their body and soul

we have nature reserves all around

we have nearby villages with ancient Buddhist and Hindu traditions (and they don't particularly like to see a woman walking down their street in thongs looking for a freaking phone charger... )

we have created lovely guesthouses and restaurants out of nothing!

Earl Grey tea, good soya sauce and balsamic vinegar we can find in a supermarket 8 hours drive away.

Please appreciate what we do have and don't let an hour wait for your dinner due to power cuts ruin your holiday. Not all places have generators.

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