Don't Come to Arugam Bay

So many changes, so many new developments, so many new shops and restaurants and guesthouses, its scary how fast Arugam Bay is developing. I don't have a problem with change, but I do have a problem with ignorant new businesses. People would do anything to get that extra bit of cash, that extra night booked, that extra dinner in their restaurant, as long as the money comes in, who cares what happens to the waste.

Tourists need to understand that there is NO RECYCLING on the east coast; the garbage collection is limited to certain areas, so if you are in the 'suburbs' there is no rubbish collection and guesthouses are free to dump rubbish ANYWHERE they choose. Mainly open fields or creeks or natural reserve.

The electricity supply is limited, and power cuts are a norm.

The water supply is limited, and water is cut off at certain times of the day.

What is not limited is the amount of plastic bottles tourist use each day, the rubbish accumulates and sent directly into the jungle for the wildlife to munch on.

Tourist these days want that special experience of the WILD as long as it is CHEAP and SECLUDED but in actual fact they are destroying our environment because they also want a/c rooms, no bugs, hot water, blah blah blah and everything else that Arugam Bay is not geared up for. Is not known for.

The government is doing jack shit about it, and more and more buildings are being erect, more and more waste is going inland to feed monkeys and elephants, and all this waste is for the sake of a few bucks from a friendly happy tourist (who is constantly ripped off and hence fucked off so who gives a shit if an extra plastic bag goes in the rice fields...) who just came for a few days to learn to surf and eat fresh crab...

I am so so sad.

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