M A G U R A the Arugam Bay Magazine is here!

All I want for Christmas is my own magazine... and here it is.

Most photographers wish to see their pictures published in magazines; so why not start your own magazine and display your pictures in it. Why not precisely.

Here is what I thought:

Arugam Bay is developing fast, and everyone is doing the exact same thing: opening a guesthouse or a roti shop or a surf shop. Boooring! Lets think of something that can keep me creatively active, that can be of benefit for the local community, something that no one else is doing... BINGO, lets do a magazine. Like the ones they have in Krabi or Phucket, but without 25 million adverts. Lets focus omer on Arugam Bay, its locals, its businesses and then see where that takes me.

Here is how it started:

The title was the first thing I thought of... after shifting names and ideas, MAGURA which is ARUGAM spelled backwards seemed like a good choice; and then my husband said "ah, Magura, the lagoon fish". And cat fish it is! Thanks to a friend in Spain, I managed to get a grasp on InDesign, a program used by graphic designers. And after a few tweeks and changes and mistakes, the magazine's first issue was created.

Self funded, no adverts, black and white as a cheaper option to color. A project that can do extremely well and pay off for my 'good wine' habit, now hugely taxed in Sri Lanka.

Not sure where this will take me in the future, but at least I now have my pictures featured in a magazine.

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