we LOVE off season!

Ommmm... breathe in, and breathe out. Welcome to super relaxed off season.

When the guesthouse is closed, surf season is temporarily over until next April, we, the Arugambanians enjoy time off. Well some of us enjoy time off, the rest are busy with the fishing season.

As much as I enjoy running a guesthouse April to October, 7 days a week; from 7am till 9pm, and constantly smiling for guests..., I also enjoy doing absolutely NOTHING. Finally I have 4 months to focus on my family, my house, my vegetable farm, my nails, emptying store rooms, sleeping and updating my websites and this blog. Catching up on tv series, movies and enjoying a simple chat at the beach without having to rush back to work. This last season I didn't go to the beach for 3 months, and I practically live 8 min walk from it. We do get too busy or rather, too involved with guest's needs, maintenance of the rooms, and of course staff not showing up every 2 days means you work like a donkey for 6 months.

After the season finished, we spent 1 month in Italy, catching up with family and food and wine, and more wine. So now, we do nothing but breathe, watch the rain, walk here and there.

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