Sudu's First Trip to Europe

So, here we are, back in the bay; after 4 weeks of cheese, pasta and wine. Detox has started. Although I do miss having a lot of choice in the supermarkets.

But we are all happy to be back to less clothing, lots of fresh fish (my god, fresh fish is expensive in Italy!) and a life of simplicity and less materialism. Sudu was shocked or impressed or puzzled at how in Europe we have something for everything... and I don't think he ever saw so many dog toys in every house he visited.

The first morning at my dad's house, making coffee... Sudu spots the cookie jar full of cookies... and me telling him: "NO Stop! those are dog biscuits". :) And Giada, that same morning, hearing the dogs bark outside the house shouts: "Monkeys!" Oh dear, we truly live in the wild.

I was glad to hear Sudu say he prefers Italy to Thailand. And he looks forward to his next trip. He ate well. Very well! My dad spoiled him with huge steaks, proper chicken, and lots of whiskey! He couldn't believe how much alcohol and wine you can buy practically everywhere! My dad gave him an electric saw for wood, and a huge spotlight torch that you can only charge in the car, for his BBQ nights. Sudu also managed to buy a new GPS for his fishing. He was happy about that.

We managed a visit in Ikea Pisa, and got a few bits and pieces for the guesthouse. Sudu liked the amount of good quality choices for the house, he didn't like that we couldn't buy much due to luggage space. We were done and dusted in 30 min.

The flight back was ok for Giada, she wasn't sick this time, or have a fit over the seat belt. But I will NEVER fly ETHIAD and Alitalia combined again! What a disaster combination. Such a shame sri lankan airlines stopped doing direct flights.

Back home and rainy season has begun. It has been raining since we arrived. And I am struggling to dry my laundry with this humidity. I am considering to buy a hot air heater to help dry everything, including paper. Mold and mosquitoes are back with a vengeance. And coming back to village gossip is always a surprise, its like living inside a hindi soap opera. My god!

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