Bricks, Sand, Cement, and Dust

So the old cabanas have come down; finally. After 4 years of dusty, dark, small but cosy huts, we are finally getting new rooms and a new star added to our guesthouse. The rooms will be bigger, concrete and will have more windows. The roof will remain in cajan this year, until we can afford wood and tiles... one step at a time. I love coming up with new ideas for the rooms. There is a lot of creative brainstorming going on these days; where to put the door, the windows, what size should the shower be etc. There is a hidden architect in all of us somewhere deep within our brain. Sudu has been busy trying to find the best deals on sand and bricks. He finally found the bricks he wanted outside some remote village 1 hour from here. 'Good price, good size' he said. Our carpenter vanished, as they do, so we are now looking for a new carpenter for our door frames, window frames, beds, benches etc. Anyone interested? The garden looks like a building site, because it is :) It is slowly being destroyed bougainvillea as cement is being mixed right beside the desert rose bush. The wood stored next to the bougainvillea and a sand dune carefully dumped near the baby hibiscus... and breathe... We still have guests, only 2, who actually enjoy seeing the development and changes daily. Luckily their room is right at the back of the guesthouse, away from all the rubble and dust. Below is the first cabana to have been removed in December 2015.

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