our organic restaurant

hey guess what?... we grow our own basil, rosemary, 

gotukola, curry leaves, and chilly 

We cook only fresh local produce on a "if we wouldn't eat it, we wont serve it" basis. 

Sudu's fishing skills and Raffaella's vegetarian beliefs make a perfect combination for an East Surf culinary experience!

picnic is not allowed. 


Our breakfast

is included

Breakfast is served fresh at 8am - 10am

Muesli Bowl; Eggs & Toast; Avocado & Jam; Spicy Omelette, Porridge with coconut milk; fruits; Sri Lankan breakfast; Tea  or Coffee.

Juices and Coconut Water available too!

spot of Lunch
from 500Rs

Too much sun & waves for one morning... stay and enjoy fresh food

from 12pm to 2pm

Piatto di Pasta al pomodoro V

Avocado and Lentil Salad V

Grilled Fish Salads,

Sudu's Lunch - popular rice and curry on a plate, fisherman's style. Cheap and hot.

from 650Rs

During the busiest months, we don't serve dinner every night, just so guests can experience different restaurants in town.  We offer Dinner Nights, where we get most of the guests involved in one big dinner party.

Curry Nights

Sri Lankan rice and curry - 700Rs to 900Rs

A mixture of vegetables, fish, rice & papadam.

Jungle BBQ

see our BBQ page for more info on this popular night in the wild


PS Sudu is an expert fisherman.  His catch of the day is your dinner! Seriously, you can't get fresher fish than this! 



cooking classes
1300Rs per person

Extremely popular and entertaining, this cooking class is a must!   


Demonstrating 3 different curries, coconut sambol, popadom and rice. Our local staff share their skills and teach you the basics for the perfect curry.


Classes are 1 hour and up to 4 people, due to space.  Lunch or dinner is served after the class.

Pic Nic inside the room is not permitted.

10% service charge penalty fee will be added to your bill; we try to avoid mice and ant colonies!

Take-away may be eaten in the restaurant.

Drinks Drinks Drinks


​For seriously thirsty people we serve ice teas; king coconut and lime crush; exotic fruit juices, smoothies & Lassi. Yessss please!


Our tap water is filtered and drinkable; we don't sell plastic water bottles as there is no recycling in Sri Lanka.


We also sell the fizzy sugary stuff like Fanta,  Sprite, Coke