Leopard Rock is our Organic Vegetable Farm situated 15km south of Arugam Bay.  This is Paradise


Back in 2010 I bought this small piece of land in the outskirts of Panama village, which is also how I met Sudu.  Back then, a young humble trustworthy local fisherman who agreed to help me find and buy a piece of land in Sri Lanka, a dream since 1998, and now my husband. 

The land was complete with bushes and shrubs until we bought it, cleaned it and started growing trees and veggies. We built a hut and gave it to a lovely couple to run and maintain: Dharma Mama and his lovely wife Nanda.

Sudu and friends dug the well by hand, 8m deep.  The land had no electricity and no toilet until summer 2015.  We would have loved to keep it as unspoiled and as virgin as possible using the moon and fireflies to light our path... but a water motor for the well and a few light bulbs proved necessary in the end; as did the hole in the ground.

The land is 1 acre and it is situated right above Panama Lagoon, approximately 1km from Panama surf point. The land is on a hillock, so it give us a majestic view of the area and the mountains in the distance.  The lagoon is a calm brackish mangrove, ideal for prawn and crab fishing.  You will always spot fishermen elegantly and effortlessly floating in the distance. Other than seasonal vegetables, we also grow peanuts in the winter; and have a few mango trees, lemon tress, banana plants,  pomegranates and a curry leaf tree.

I absolutely LOVE coming here with my family, friends and guests. We relax, recharge, unwind. The only sounds you hear are peacocks, exotic birds, monkeys, the sound of wildlife. No tuk tuk or cars. Often Nanda would cook some hot crab or spicy prawns on a wood fire and mud stove for us to enjoy the view and absorb life in its most simplest and beautiful way. We often come here to chill, celebrate birthdays, the new year; we also organize delicious BBQ for guests with smaller children, a safer way to experience simple and wonderful Sri Lanka.  This place is the reason I moved to Sri Lanka. 

In the future we hope to set it up as an ecotourism home-stay, for those who wish spend the night comfortably and safe surrounded by nature, keeping it simple and beautiful, because Magic happens right here and we wish to keep it that way.

In June 2017 we finally purchased the land next door leading all the way down to the lagoon. 

organic peanut farming in January
the view
Helping out with peanut harvest
The Pic Nic
a guest explaining iphone to neighbours
Sunset fishing with Sudu
whte corn