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 East Surf is owned by SUDU, Arugam Bay born and bred. Sudu loves the ocean and the jungle.  If he is not relaxing at the guesthouse, you will find him on a boat in the middle of the ocean or making a fire in the jungle.  A remarkable being, so connected to nature he can smell and feel animals before he can see them.

An excellent cook and a 'wise man'.


​Raffaella is half italian, half dutch, and grew up in London.  Sudu and Raffaella met in 2010 while Raffy was on a cycling tour of Sri Lanka; and in 2012 after 30 years of London life she decided to join forces with Sudu  and  move to Arugam Bay.  If she is not running around multi tasking all over the gaff with baby on tow, you will find her taking pictures, meditating in the wild, or walking her dogs on a deserted beach.


In August 2014 their daughter Giada was born in Kalmunai, somewhere between Arugam Bay and Batticaloa.


In January 2018 Raffaella and other western locals decided to open the first International School in the area, Waveducation - Arugam Bay College. Check out Waveducation instagram for more info on our school and Summer Daycare for families on holiday.

Raffaella and Sudu also own 2 farms (in Panama and Radalla) and 2 beach lands (in Arugam Bay and Peanut Farm) waiting for sustainable development. Projects are currently on hold due to the slow pace of life :)

Sudu & Raffaella back in 2012

(very young and slim looking)

December 2012

Giada is the new owner of East Surf; she is pretty bossy. Giada loves water, painting, sing and dance, speaks Sinhala, English and dog language; her presence and vision of the future is definitely felt.

Malli is our cleanse guru and helps with housekeeping and maintenance

Lanith is our recommended surf teacher. Born on the waves of Arugam, and speaks good English. His lessons are held at one of our 'beginners' beaches and include board rental.

Indu is our Wonderwoman. She helps out in the kitchen and is in charge of Housekeeping.

Nihal aka the Professor, is in charge of the garden and helps out here and there. Good at rolling too.

Mocka is on garden security, chasing away goats, monkeys, cows and stray dogs.

Jack is our labrador, in charge of cleaning, he will suck up any leftovers off the ground.  Loves to shower ANYWHERE!

Jimmy is our resident night hunter... No mice or snakes here! When off-duty you will find him sleeping in the shade. 




Puss Puss

G i a d a

M o c k a

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